Safety off: Programming in Rust with `unsafe`

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extern "C" {
    fn abs(enter: i32) -> i32;

fn foremost() {
    unsafe {
        println!("Absolute worth of -3 in response to C: {}", abs(-3));

Any calls made to the capabilities uncovered through the extern "C" block have to be wrapped in unsafe, the higher to make sure you take correct duty for what you ship to it and get again from it.

Altering mutable static variables

International or static variables in Rust may be set to mutable, since they occupy a hard and fast reminiscence tackle. Nonetheless, it’s solely attainable to switch a mutable static variable inside an unsafe block.

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Information races are the largest cause you want unsafe to change mutable static variables. You’d get unpredictable outcomes when you allowed the identical mutable static variable to be modified from totally different threads. So, whereas you need to use unsafe to make such adjustments, any knowledge race points can be your duty, not Rust’s. Usually, Rust can not totally stop knowledge races, however you have to be doubly cautious about that in unsafe blocks.

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