How to use Google Search without AI: the ‘udm=14’ work around

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It’s exhausting to conceive given how standard and entrenched in fashionable society it’s, however the Google Search of at the moment could be very completely different than the identical product even only a few years again.

The obvious change in current occasions has been the addition of generative AI search outcomes, often known as “AI Overview.” Previously an experimental possibility known as “Search Generative Expertise” that customers needed to elect via Google Labs, the addition of those outcomes — generated from complete material each time you search utilizing Google’s Gemini AI fashions — search to summarize and pull out essentially the most related and essential data based mostly in your search question.

Google is making this the default search expertise now within the U.S. (and shortly, around the globe) following its I/O convention final week, a bid to compete and offset the rise of opponents corresponding to Perplexity and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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But many customers have overtly complained in regards to the new Google Gen AI search outcomes, noting that they’re regularly inaccurate — even dangerously so, at occasions.

Happily, there’s a resolution for these customers searching for to return to a extra “pure” and pristine Google Search expertise unmarred by Gen AI outcomes.

Google added a brand new “Net” tab to its search engine on the high that strips away all of the Gen AI outcomes and even its older “Featured Snippets,” which ripped textual content out of net pages and reproduced them on the high of the search engine outcomes web page (SERP). It additionally appears to take away most adverts/sponsored posts.

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Nevertheless, there isn’t a option to get this feature to remain because the default on Google, a minimum of not formally. You must search, see the AI outcomes, after which tab over each time.

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Whereas navigating to this tab each time you need to search could be cumbersome, my outdated colleague Ernie Smith of the weblog Tedium has discovered a intelligent work round that some customers are cheering.

As he writes:

…Is there something you are able to do to reduce the ache of getting to click on the “Net” possibility buried in a menu each single time?

The reply to that query is sure. Google doesn’t make it straightforward, as a result of its URLs appear extra-loaded with cruft lately, however by including a URL parameter to your search—on this case, “udm=14”—you will get on to the Net ends in a search.

Actually, so long as you set your default search engine in your browser or bookmark the next URL: “” it’s best to be capable to get the Net, Gen AI-free model of Google each time you search.

On X, customers beloved Smith’s discovery and are eagerly embracing it:

It is going to be fascinating to see how large this work round unfold. If sufficient folks select to go this route, will Google rethink making Gen AI summarized search outcomes the brand new default, and change again to this extra uncluttered and “purer” model of Search — an inventory of “blue hyperlinks”?

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Time will inform.

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