Stable Diffusion vs Midjourney Niji V6: Which Is Better For Anime?

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Anime is an iconic Japanese artwork type that has legions (sure, legions) of followers everywhere in the globe. Its distinct visuals, gripping tales, and various genres have smashed by means of cultural obstacles, making it a worldwide phenomenon.

In current occasions, AI picture mills have unlocked new potentialities for artists and fans to discover and recreate the world of anime with ease. As demand for AI-made anime artwork skyrockets, one mannequin has risen to the highest: Midjourney Niji 6. However the burning query is — is it truly the very best?

So, let’s go on a quest to resolve, as soon as and for all, if Midjourney Niji 6 is the very best AI picture generator for anime. Immediately’s comparability will characteristic Niji in a head-to-head battle for the title towards Steady Diffusion: one other in style text-to-image mannequin. Can Steady Diffusion make a case for the crown?

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What are Steady Diffusion and Midjourney Niji?

Midjourney is an AI picture technology mannequin developed by an organization known as, nicely, Midjourney. It makes use of machine studying to create photos from textual content prompts, permitting you to show concepts to finish paintings. Niji is an anime-optimized mannequin constructed on high of Midjourney’s base mannequin, which makes use of an intensive coaching set of anime photos and paintings.

Steady Diffusion can also be a text-to-image mannequin like Midjourney, however the important thing distinction is that it’s open-source. Whereas its base mannequin is already able to creating paintings, being open-source permits builders and artists to fine-tune the mannequin by letting you practice the mannequin additional with LoRAs or small Steady Diffusion fashions.

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Steady Diffusion vs. Midjourney Niji 6: Options Comparability

Other than picture technology, Steady Diffusion’s options (utilizing Dream Studio) consists of unfavorable prompts to exclude sure parts from a picture, facet ratio adjustment, altering of generated picture rely, and switching between totally different artwork types. You may as well add a picture and let Steady Diffusion generate variations of the enter.

Midjourney Niji’s options are nearly the identical as Steady Diffusion (besides picture rely adjustment) together with panning and zooming, area variations, type and character reference, and extra.

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Steady Diffusion vs. Midjourney Niji 6: Output Comparability

Only a fast be aware for this comparability, we’ll be specializing in the capabilities of the Steady Diffusion XL mannequin from DreamStudio. We’ll maintain off on utilizing LoRA fine-tuning for now. With that in thoughts, let’s examine how Midjourney Niji and Steady Diffusion carry out utilizing the identical prompts.

Character Design

Immediate: a robust necromancer, darkish fantasy, within the type of junji ito, character design, runes and spellbooks

Superhero Anime

Immediate: nonetheless from a superhero anime, a teenage lady controlling a demise god, within the type of mappa animation, overcast climate

Horror Anime

Immediate: a girl possessed by the satan, satoshi kon, unsettling, creepy, uncanny

Sci-Fi Anime

Immediate: an astronaut stepping foot into a brand new planet, triple moons, celestial our bodies, pseudo-realistic, mild crimson and violet

Slice of Life Anime

Immediate: romance anime, two youngsters sharing an umbrella throughout a rainstorm, ambient lighting, framing by edward yang

Fantasy Anime

Immediate: fantasy anime, a girl in a kimono speaking to animals within the forest, whimsical, earth tones, within the type of hayao miyazaki, studio ghibli

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With Textual content

Immediate: a “CLOSING SALE” signal exterior a retailer

General Ideas

Amongst all of our Midjourney Niji anime comparisons, this face to face feels closest. The truth that Steady Diffusion was capable of commerce blow for blow with Midjourney Niji 6 is an achievement in itself. Nonetheless, there’s one important concern with Steady Diffusion photos, however let’s save that for later and deal with the great issues first.

One of many minor points I’ve with Midjourney Niji 6 is its robust creative route. Whereas it will probably result in stunning paintings, the trade-off is that a few of its outputs will look too comparable to one another. Alternatively, Steady Diffusion’s base mannequin is much more versatile in relation to creativity.

Steady Diffusion did notably nicely, in my view, with the character design and horror anime prompts. It’s additionally signal that it will probably (nearly) generate correct textual content. As for Midjourney Niji, what else did we count on? They’re all stunning and complicated anime artwork items that observe the immediate to a tee.

Now, for the explanation I nonetheless want Midjourney Niji over Steady Diffusion: I would like you to scroll again up and zoom in to all of the Steady Diffusion outputs that includes faces. Discover how all of them are nonetheless distorted or warped? This is a matter plaguing AI picture mills from the start. Plainly Steady Diffusion hasn’t gotten over that hump but.

The Backside Line

This was an in depth one, however in the long run, I nonetheless have to offer the win to Midjourney Niji 6 for anime paintings.

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That stated, I do suppose that Steady Diffusion exhibits lots of promise for anime, and that’s with out utilizing any LoRAs. I’ve seen what a fine-tuned model of Steady Diffusion can do, and consider me, it’s on a complete totally different degree. 

Do you need to see extra of what Midjourney Niji can do? You’ll be able to try a few of our comparability articles like this one. Have enjoyable!

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