What is AI? Everything to know about artificial intelligence

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With generative AI taking off, several companies are working competitively in the space — both legacy tech firms and startups. While each is developing too quickly for there to be a static leader, here are some of the major players. 


Unsurprisingly, OpenAI has made a huge impact in AI after making its powerful generative AI tools available for free, including ChatGPT and Dall-E 3, an AI image generator.


Anthropic created Claude, a powerful group of LLMs, and is considered a primary competitor of OpenAI. The company focuses on safety and ethical concerns in its AI research. 

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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has its hands in several different AI systems through companies including DeepMind, Waymo, and Google. 

Google had a rough start in the AI chatbot race with an underperforming tool called Google Bard, originally powered by LaMDA. The company then switched the LLM behind Bard twice — the first time for PaLM 2, and then for Gemini, the LLM currently powering it. With the last change, Google also renamed the bot Bard for Gemini.

DeepMind continues to pursue AGI. It’s developed machine-learning models for Document AI, optimized the viewer experience on Youtube, made AlphaFold available for researchers worldwide, and more.

Though you may not hear of Alphabet’s AI endeavors in the news every day, its work in deep learning and AI in general has the potential to change the future for human beings. 

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Aside from creating Microsoft Copilot, the company provides a suite of AI tools for developers on Azure, such as platforms for developing machine learning, data analytics, conversational AI, and customizable APIs that achieve human parity in computer vision, speech, and language.

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Microsoft has also invested heavily in OpenAI’s development. The tech giant uses GPT-4 in Copilot, formerly known as Bing chat, and in an advanced version of Dall-E 3 to generate images through Microsoft Designer.


Apple has also entered the space most recently with its AI-upgraded line of iPads and potential new announcements to come at WWDC.

Other companies

Other firms are making strides in artificial intelligence, including Baidu, Alibaba, Cruise, Lenovo, Tesla, and more.

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